Friday, January 3, 2014

How is a friend

There are people who come to our lives, and are able to fill it out completely, put into the soul, into the skin and senses, until you become one with you. As they came? can you not explain it; one day his path crossed with yours, and a "Hello" kicked off a conversation, perhaps at that moment nothing important, you suddenly cross it in the corridors, or shared activity, and so they decide to share more time, as companions, perhaps because they have common interests, perhaps by that pursue the same objective. Suddenly, you surprised one day, wondering where will my partner be?, you miss his presence, his words, his company. There comes a different loop, no longer interests or common objectives, it is the pleasure of the gathering, sharing, spend hours with someone who you have, that in one way or another, it complements your life. There change the title that it defines us and we leave be teammates, to become friends.

And thus, little by little, the timeshare becomes in a school, where they learn about the other person, learn from their strengths and weaknesses, and to exalt the first and not judging by the past; they learn what they can and what not, learn of their hobbies, their hopes, their concerns and dreams. Sometimes you learn words, these long talks arriving at the precise moment in which our hearts, with what we have seen of the other person, feels free to rely then emptied the soul and we reveal our deepest secrets, with certainty, that we will be ever betrayed. Other times, we do not need words, because we begin to understand the silence, gestures, the looks; because your true friend, knows much more than you, what has been able to tell, because it knows the meaning of this hidden language.

And suddenly, that person made for you, unique, irreplaceable and indispensable, not because you can not live without it, if not because next to it your life is more fulfilling. And then you discover the meaning of commitment, bringing This new nexus for both. Commitment to always be honest, even if the truth can hurt. Commitment to fairness, give the friend victories that deserve, even if it means our own defeat. Commitment to support, that extended hand that never moves or retires. Commitment to be shield and sword capable of defending our friend, without waiting to this ask us. Commitment to be patient, understand that their lives and yours will not at the same pace, know to expect when so required, or hurry if so required. Commitment to be always respectful, of dreams, of beliefs, of individuals, of thoughts, without ever trying to impose on our friend.

When we understand this commitment, the Pact is sealed, and since then nothing, if it is sincere, nothing breaks. We are really friends.

I don't know if you pass them, but every one of my friends has a unique feature that makes it special.

I have friends wizards, making disappear my anxieties with just one word, when you embrace a place of peace building to your around, where feel, even sadness can reach you. That friend who somehow, no matter the distance that separate us, always sensed when these bad or sad, and calls you at the moment just that need a word of encouragement.

I have friends warriors, assuming my battles like yours, not to fight them for me, if not to be there, shoulder to shoulder, when the fight starts. They surrender is not an option, and never leave to do so.

I have friends wise, whose advice always, but always return me the lost light that allows me to follow the path.

I have friends who know how to listen to anyone else, but not of those who are recipients of what you say without telling you anything in return, not so, know hear you really, even between the lines, and they will always have an answer for you.

I have friends who take honesty as a flag, which will always tell you what they think and will always be honest, assuming the consequences of his honesty, they never hear false praise, but if great truths, good, hard and even painful at times, but always truths, without masks, without costumes.

I have amazing friends, perhaps not many in quantity, but in quality are special, some close, others are far away; some look at them head-on and I feel grateful, others made both less and send them whenever I can in an email, a call or a message, a "I miss you" coming from the soul.

With a "Hello" started the way, you also try and you'll be surprised what you can find.


Occasionally, there are thoughts that invade our minds and like magic transport us to another place, a place already visited, and lived, a place and a time already past. Those thoughts are memories.

A memory is a piece of the past, bringing when it appears to present its magic, its colors, voices, scents and experiences.

It can be an image, a song, a smell, a sound; having the ability to make you relive moments once you had.

A memory can return you feelings that you forgot that you felt, desires that you forgot you had, emotions that you forgot with intensity filled your soul.

A memory returns you the nostalgia of a hug, a kiss, a caress, a company, a friend, a love.

There are memories that hurt, that cloud the eyes with tears; they are those that come from things lost, old wounds, old battles and old defeats.

There are memories that you rejoice, that make you smile, and return you joys that you thought you had lost.

There are memories that you embrace and let you escape.

The memories are sleeping ghosts that come to life when your heart are called.

Today soon will be a memory, your mind will keep until it is time to leave.

Today your memory fills my mind with mixed feelings. You are no longer present, but keeps you in my memories... And in those memories, I still want to...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Falling: Point Contemplation

There was a time when I was swinging steps to run, but my legs like a restrained and reluctant to swing. Severe fall is certain. I stopped. Trying to figure out and understand what had just happened and brought me in to this fall.

I tried to look backward for a moment. Millions step tread and traces the history of the line was my new life. Clearly illustrated the steps of my feet are stumbling and unsteady.

Since I chose to take this trip, I already knew and realized that I would have experienced this.

I know the road is full of storms, rocky and steep climb. Gratitude never stop I prayed to God for millions of steps that have happened during this trail. If not with backings, I could not move and fell up here.

In this contemplation of God re-test the consistency of the dream and my goal. I looked at the journey ahead. Where the goal is still vague and not pins.