Friday, January 3, 2014


Occasionally, there are thoughts that invade our minds and like magic transport us to another place, a place already visited, and lived, a place and a time already past. Those thoughts are memories.

A memory is a piece of the past, bringing when it appears to present its magic, its colors, voices, scents and experiences.

It can be an image, a song, a smell, a sound; having the ability to make you relive moments once you had.

A memory can return you feelings that you forgot that you felt, desires that you forgot you had, emotions that you forgot with intensity filled your soul.

A memory returns you the nostalgia of a hug, a kiss, a caress, a company, a friend, a love.

There are memories that hurt, that cloud the eyes with tears; they are those that come from things lost, old wounds, old battles and old defeats.

There are memories that you rejoice, that make you smile, and return you joys that you thought you had lost.

There are memories that you embrace and let you escape.

The memories are sleeping ghosts that come to life when your heart are called.

Today soon will be a memory, your mind will keep until it is time to leave.

Today your memory fills my mind with mixed feelings. You are no longer present, but keeps you in my memories... And in those memories, I still want to...

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