Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Falling: Point Contemplation

There was a time when I was swinging steps to run, but my legs like a restrained and reluctant to swing. Severe fall is certain. I stopped. Trying to figure out and understand what had just happened and brought me in to this fall.

I tried to look backward for a moment. Millions step tread and traces the history of the line was my new life. Clearly illustrated the steps of my feet are stumbling and unsteady.

Since I chose to take this trip, I already knew and realized that I would have experienced this.

I know the road is full of storms, rocky and steep climb. Gratitude never stop I prayed to God for millions of steps that have happened during this trail. If not with backings, I could not move and fell up here.

In this contemplation of God re-test the consistency of the dream and my goal. I looked at the journey ahead. Where the goal is still vague and not pins.